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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 27, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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is disgusting. always a special privilege to have you here. i'm greg gut field. -- i'm greg gutfeld.americ see you next time. take you are ka. taliban. what's the fallout? 99 days to the elections and we look at the impact. and hear reid publicly resolution wrecks the public option. this is "special report." the antiwar website has released what some call a treasure trove of secret documents. others call it a dangerous dump of national security data. either way, the list of entries includes some that indicate that pakistan's intelligence service is directly helping the taliban that is killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. white house correspondent is at the pentagon tonight with the details.
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u.s. officials are assessing the damage after the leak of 91,000 classified from january of 2004 to december of 2009. the information released by an antiwar website is described by the military as "secret battlefield reports," which are critical of pakistan intelligence helping the insurgency suggesting that taliban have been equipped with missiles and contain information of civilian casualties. at the white house an effort to say that while there are national security concerns about the massive leak, there is nothing terribly new. >> the content as much as it is their names, their operations, logistics, sources, all of that information out in a public way has the potential to do harm. >> the u.s. has expressed anger
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at pakistan for allowing al qaeda and taliban to have safe haven on the soil and frustration not not taking the fight to them but the former head of the c.i.a. says the u.s. wanted too much. >> for us to expect them to do all of our dirty work and not to look out for their interests is a mistake. >> there was video of a 2007 airstrike by a helicopter and the u.s. soldier has been charged with illegally transferring classified data on to the personal computer and providing it to unauthorized source and it is not known if he is responsible for this leak. the website founder offers this as his motivation for releasing the afghanistan information. >> hopefully a deep understanding and scrutiny of the war in afghanistan and as a result changes in policy on the prosecution of the war. the witness shared this classified material with reporters from publications in
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new york, listen done and berlin several weeks ago and has suggested it has 15,000 more documents on afghanistan it could release. >> the intelligence people, whether at c.i.a. or dod or the national security are probable frantic trying to find out where this leak came from. this leak indicates iran is involved in a campaign to arm, train, and facilitate tall ban -- taliban attack in afghanistan and concern over their political influence in afghanistan. >> mike, what do we know about the search for the two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan since friday afternoon? all two sailor would drove away from the camp on the outskirts of the city, and check points have been set up all over afghanistan as military looks for the sailors. there are conflicting reports but the military says that they
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are looking for the guide and we know their families have been notified the two sailors are missing. >> thank you from the pentagon tonight. thank you. an attack near a minister's home in northwest pakistan today kill seven people and injured 25 others and the taliban took credit for this saying they wanted to kill the official because the political party is allied with the united states. a bomb are driving a bus today blew himself up in front of the baghdad office of a popular news station and six were killed. militants view the news channel as pro western and the offices have been targeted in the past. to the south, a twin car bombing killed at least 20 people wounding more than 50. the european union adopted a new list, set of sanctions against iran today in an effort to try to curb the nuclear ambitions targeting iran's trade, banking
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and energy sectors and the envoy to the atomic energy agency says iran is ready to return to nuclear talks without preconditions. joint u.s. south korea war exercises are taking place in the international waters off the korean peninsula and the north threatened to retaliate the goal is to bring greater stability to the region. and now that story from the uss george washington. >> war games off south korea called operation invincible spirit are wrapping up with a dozen ships in the maneuvers including aircraft carrier, the uss george washington. flyovers. and continuous flight operations from the carrier, day and night. their goal? getting u.s. and south korea to operate better together. >> alliance is strong. always a great opportunity to work with them. >> the two countries hope to send a signal to north korea:
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the sinking by a north korean submarine of a warship in march set off the latest round of tension and leading up to the maneuvers including antisubmarine drills there has been a lot of rhetoric. north korea calls this "hostile," threaten a nuclear war. >> they do not want this because by our presence here that brings peace and stability. but to the region? >> they could try something silly. and you have to be prepared. >> north korea has branded the u.s. exercises at gunpoint diplomacy but folks running it call it difficult me macy with a little bit more of a muscle stone. >> will critical of the exercise china, saying this was moved away from china as a concession to china, and officials deny that. >> we reserve to operate in international waters anywhere in the world.
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>> they will run two more days. >> tonight there are new questions over what the white house knew of the release of the lock bee -- lock are bee -- lockerbie bomber. >> a week after the president said he was surprised over the release of the terrorist a year ago. >> the aides reveal the u.s. fought the release for weeks. >> the preference by all levels of the government was for him to continue to serve the sentence that he was serving until he died. >> still, the message was muddled. >> the message should have been loud and clear that the release of the lockerbie bomber was
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unacceptable. >> the administration has been accused of doubletalk based on a classify the letter that suggested the u.s. preferred compassionate release of the terrorist to transfer him to prison in libya because he was supposed to only have a few months to live, the u.s. wanted him to die if scotland and the state department believes the welcome resechtion would be inappropriate if he travels abroad. >> the fear was realized that he in returning to libya received a hero's welcome for which he was not entitled. >> 270 were killed when the flight blew up in scotland and most victims were americans. libya's judicial system is suspect with five convicted of infecting hundreds of children with aids and sent home in exchange for weapons. message -- new jersey senator is
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concerned that oil was involved. >> a big question hanging over the release is in a timed oil drilling agreement between b.p. and libya supported by the british government factored in. >> the senator will have a hearing of the senate foreign affairs committee on thursday and that could increase pressure on britain's parliament to conduct an inquiry of its own. congress is eating up millions of dollars, literally. we will explain ahead. but, first, hear why those who thought government-run health insurance with the public option was dead. was dead. that may only be
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>> in america's election headquarters there are 99 days until the 2010 election. and there are man seats up for grabs, of course, enough to swing the balance of power in congress. on the house sigh, democrats now
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have 255 house seats and two empty. republicans have 178. the g.o.p. needs 40 more seats to recapture the majority. on the senate side democrats have 59 members and republicans with 41 need ten to reclaim the senate. we will follow the midterm action every step of the way. and tonight, a look at the disclose act. is it really campaign finance reform or muzzled speech? our white house correspondent reports that like many things in washington, the answer may be in the eye of the beholder. president obama eager to shield the part's congressional majorities from hostile voters toll the senate it must pull the curtain back on a likely flood of corporate and trade association cash this season. >> millions of americans are struggling to get by and they should not be drowned out by secret special interest advertising. the president describe the problem as one of potential
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corporate political ma manipulation. >> this would be an onabsolute of negative adds. >> but the security decision which president obama criticized gave the same clout to unions like the afl-cio and lobbying groups like the national rifle association. in the house, to win passage of a bill to force disclosure of donations from the groups house democrats exempted the aarp and big unions. in the senate to attract moderate republican votes, democrats brought big unions back up the guidelines. that prompted the afl-cio to warn the bill "could hamper working families ability to have a voice in the political process." clashing excel shuns could -- exemptions could do under the process. the senate minority leader is trying to kill this because it
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silences critics and exempting campaign supporters from an attack on the first amendment. experts say no special interest wants to give up key data on what it spends, where and why. >> you do not want to give more information out about your inner workings than you have to, it is about competition, a competitive advantage for a lot of the groups. the president has pick up the campaign pace, the real money has not flowed because everyone is waiting for the fall to launch the tv advertising blitz. >> we suspect around labor day when the political season really begins to heat up for any november election, that if anything is going to happen it will start to happen right around that time. >> the show down vote in the senate to break the republican fillibuster is scheduled tomorrow but if the white house hopes to get moderate republican senator collins, from maine, she is opposing this bill. so the bid to win moderate
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republicans is falling flat. >> the white house dispatched aides to deal with the oil spill. what is that about? >> they say it has nothing to do with politics but improving enter governmental comiewgs between the coast guard the white house and other federal officials and state officials. three were sent from the white house to billion -- to alabama and four to florida. ing in to do with politics ... why know. >> senate candidate from colorado apologized for remark he made about tea party members who questioned president obama's birth certificate. he is her saying on a tape that he wanted someone to tell those dumb blanks to stop asking him about birth certificates. >> kentucky republican ran paul is getting help from the former
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florida governor at a $1,000 per person fundraiser in louisville running against democrat to replace retiring republican senator bunning. and the so-called public option was dropped from the health care bill to get it passed but those that thought it was dead may have jumped the gun according to a top democrat. now we have that story. >> over the week, senate majority leader reid spoke to netroots nation, a gathering of activists on the left, and reid is in re-election trouble wanted to convince the liberal elements that he is one of them and the democratic party is just getting started toward the goal. among them, the idea of government-run health care, which was dropped early for lack of support, but reid said "just wait." i know you wish some of the reforms were more sweeping.
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and believe me, i do, too. we also have to be realistic. i wish we had a public option. but we will have a public option. just a question of when. >> their goal is for the government to determine your health care, how much coverage you should have, the kind of coverage you should have. >> republicans are delighted with reid's statement because many voted against health care because they argued that the democrats were laying the ground work for government-run health care a nose under the table effort by democrats to establish government-run health care and senator reid just confirmed that. comments about social security? >> he sought to minimize the problems on social security. republican. what we need to focus on is the
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stories out there that social security is about to go broke, is simply not true. >> actually, social security will pay out more than it takes in 2016 and will need money to pay full benefits from the federal government and it has $5.7 trillion in unfunded liabilities, so it is that short of paying promised benefits and the government has been borrowing the surplus of sos and spending it so the federal government will have to pay that money back and it owes social security $2.6 trillion. since the federal government doesn't have any money, that will have to come from the taxpayers one way or another, liberal and conservative. >> so we could see the video again? >> possibly. >> thank you. democratic congressman wrangle -- rangel said he would attend a meeting with house leadership
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>> a change in leadership at b.p. our correspondent explains how critics of the organization may have mixed feelings of how things are panning out. >> in a board meeting today at the global headquarters in london it is thought the details of tony hayward's golden goodbye were finalized. it is believed he will get a $1.5 million payment equal to a
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year's salary and a pension scheme worth up to $15 million. this is not unusual for someone like tony hayward who has been with the company for 28 years. >> he is best known in america for moments like remarks perceived as insensitive to those living the tragedy and he was lambasted for down playing the effects saying they would be modest and the gulf was a big ocean. it is thought removing him will help b.p. restore the image in the united states where shareholders have 40 percent of b.p. stock. american robert dudley is expected to replace tony hayward as c.e.o. >> the challenge is to move on and put to rest what has happened and dudley can move the business on. that is good. >> dudley is the first non-brit in the position of c.e.o. and been referred to as calm, cool and collected. the fact that dudley grew up in mississippi and has an attachment to the region will
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help reverse the ill imagine -- reverse the image of b.p. according to sky news tony hayward could have a role of one of four b.p. representatives to the board of the joint venture with russia. robert dudley hand the b.p. operation in russia but left in haste after a dispute with the kremlin. tony hayward still has good relations with moscow. in london for f f news. >> the announcement he is stepping down is expected to be official tomorrow and b.p. stock was up 5 percent on speculation of the company's leadership change. stocks in the u.s. started positive, with doug -- dow jones industrial average adding 100 and nasdaq up 27. sales of new homes were up 24 percent the second weakest month in record going back to 1963. surely her -- herly sherrod god
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a presidential apology and we did in the know if she decided on the job offer but we know there is a lot of allegations lone away in the sherrod case. >> as victims of unfair media treatment go, sherrod got off easy, when dwowr -- when 24 hours she was apologized and offered a new job and got a call from the president, part of an internet videotape that made it appear she had done less than her best for a white farmer because of his race. it was unfair and the apologies were deserved but the rush to judgment sherrod was not the only rush to judgment. consider: sherrod says she was ordered to resign immediately by
4:27 am
a senior agriculture official who said she would be on glenn beck's program. he did not say a word of sherrod until the next flight when he defended her. and bill o'reilly called for her to step down but she had already quit and he i apologized and sherrod was not mentioned on follow news or on fox news website until she was force out by the obama administration and no news opposed to opinion broadcasts on fox ever accused sherrod of racism but she blamed fox and accused the network of ratism as did others including the naacp and former democratic chairman hour -- hour -- howard dean but it was clear he did not know the facts. i do not hold my breath for further apology. >> do you think this is the end? >> the end of the sherrod case but for whatever she decides to
4:28 am
do. she is in good shape right now of the whether the end of this hurling about of the charge of racism, i have my doubts. for example, last week, we saw in the stories an account of the list of communications among liberal journalists, some in the mainstream media suggesting during reverent wright affair they ought to calm conservatives, karl rove, who cares, a racist. with that kind of use of the term racist, i don't think we have seen the end of it. >> okay of the some folks feel the government is feasting on them when it comes to taxes but there is a little feast you will not like coming up. stay tuned.
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>> now from the political grapevine, another day. more leak the e-mails from the journal list suggesting some members of the media tried to coordinate strategy against john mccain and sarah palin after the convention in 2008. the caller reports that a senior editor at harpers asked the group, is it a good use to coordinate a message of the week along the lines of the g.o.p. or
4:33 am
is that too loathe some? it sounds loathe some but so does losing. the founder from the "washington post" said, no, no message coordination, and i am in the sure that is legal. this is a discussion list and i wanted to to retain that character but a columbia university professor disregards this saying "on the question of coordinating what is wrong with a critical mass of liberal bloggers saying the following among themselves," john paul stevens is warmongering and sarah palin belongs to a crack pot church. i am in the waiting. get on with it. members of congress chow down on your tax dollars. the house of representatives spent $2.6 million on food and beverages over the nine month period for themselves and staff curing to information posted on
4:34 am
the, by the "sunlight foundation." $397,000 on catering and $135,000 on meals at different restaurants. compared to the leadership, democrats spent considerably more, with almost $299,000 for food, by the democratic caulk, and the jert leader and the majority whip and house speaker not included, and the republican counterpart spent $203,000. and finally, in an sprfer with -- in an interview with london times, oliver stone will put stalin and hitler in context saying "hitler did far more damage to the russians than the jewish people, 25 or 30 million killed." the seb seb showed the shortcomings of the american intelligence community but despite major restructuring over the last nine yours, some say the intelligence community does not have its act together and is
4:35 am
suffering from a vacuum. our correspondent explains this. >> the close call in the christmas day bombing plot, the missed clues before ft. hood and outing of director of national intelligence cited by critics as evidence it has yet do mast are the sprawling intelligence group and now the troubling conclusion is endorsed by the co-chairs of the 9/11 commission. >> i don't know if this president has decided how he wants to run the intelligence community. you have to have someone in charge. i am saying because the law is not clear, the president has to step in and say, okay, this is how it will be. >> president obama has nominated retired general clapper to succeed the general, and this post provides a system officer standing over the 16 spy agencies but many including key lawmakers complain that the post is too weak for such a task with
4:36 am
alleged domineering by white house counterterrorism advisor. >> you think that he has overstepped the lines of the job in. >> for doubt he is in areas and undercut senate confirmed folks and if that continues general clapper cannot be effective. >> he calls the shots and pitches the administration's viewpoint on national television. this is not good for the country and contrary to the spent of congress. >> the white house acknowledges problems with management of the community but argues most were inherited. >> the job was just created only a few years ago means that there are coordination issues to work through. >> and the country's national security is not jeopardized by the problems. >> i don't think we lack any sort of capacity. >> senate intelligence committee has yet to vote on the
4:37 am
nomination. a committee source said he will be recalled to testify again, in executive session. in washington for fox news. >> leaked documents, thousands, show american ally pakistan and iran providing aid to taliban who kill u.s. soldiers. we will talk about that.
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>> a deep understanding and scrutiny of the war in afghanistan. as a result, changes in policy about the persecution, prosecution of war. the consideration given by all parties into how they want to continue. >> they claim to go through the doubts that give judgment on whether anything inside could harm u.s. forces but what is
4:41 am
their expertise on the judgments? we are the only ones who are equipped to make that judgment. they don't seem to have those kinds of expertise. so that is disturbing. officials are assessing the damage of the release of 91,000 classify documents said by the military as "secret battlefield reports," from 2004 to december of 2009. by the antiwar website. among the documents out there is that pakistan's intelligence service was supporting the taliban insurgency inside afghanistan and also iran is doing the same thing in the eastern part of the country. and now, senior write for the "weekly standard," and news analyst for national public radio and columnist. charles, the purpose of this leak is an antiwar message that they hope opens the eyes of the world to how bad afghanistan is
4:42 am
going. >> i'm not sure this release will have that effect. there are two questions: content and process. on the content i am unimpressed and on the process i'm concerned. on the content, there is nothing essentially fundamentally new. the fact that the pakistanis are playing a double game, well-known. much knows that. the fact that the war effort was going badly in 2009, well, the administration admitted it, the president said it, general petraeus said it and why do you think they asked for an increase? there have been civilian casualties in the airstrikes, we have known that, as well. there is nothing new here but, perhaps, that the enemy has heat seeking missiles. if so you do not need 90,000 pages. that woik take one sentence. second, they have had little
4:43 am
discuss in using it against our aircraft, less success than the afghanistan again the soviets. on process, who knows what else is out there? the idea that anyone can release war-time communications from inside our defense department in the middle of war is deeply disturbing. if we track that down, who is responsible, they ought to serve a lot of time. >> white house press secretary said the president warns the pakistans in march they were, the u.s. was not giving them a plank check and pakistan must demonstrate they are rooting out al qaeda and he said not all is going well but here is what the state department said back in may. we have given notice that there are no elements in isi who are cooperating with the militant,
4:44 am
extremists and we take them at their wore. we have no reason to doubt what pakistan has said. they do not believe there are rogue elements operating in isi and ... we take them at their word. >> the president's spokesman in march of 2009, the president's dress there and that is from may of 2009. what do we take from this? >> in the case of the isi, there has been hints along the way of accomplicity but the question, is it current? the national security advisor at the white house said the situation has changed and he is confident of the relationship with the pakistanis. the blank check idea is not in place.
4:45 am
they are single allies trying to finding the taliban and al qaeda. and, second, is there something more to be found in the documents in terms of suggestions, possibly of abuse of people. i don't know if that is the case. there is some hint. and over all, though, for americans and especially americans concerned about the war, there is the hop by the people would leak this that it would turn the american public against them politically, especially given that this week or so there is a war funding bill being considered on the house floor. >> could this impact public opinion? >> we don't understand the extent of the damage being done to americans fighting the war and, you know, i don't think it will exactly buy the american public, or it will not give the democrats some kind of
4:46 am
insulation to allow them not to fund the war effort. >> my understanding is of the total collection of intelligence reports there are some 77,000 that have been made public, and there are 15,000, give or take, that have not. there is concern among intelligence officials that if that. ing 15,000 there could be things that are much more sensitive than the things we have seen today. they could include things designed or, that would be released in order to make members look pad and they could include things that would complicate theant -- the antiwar founders of this. if you look at this in its entirety people see what they want to see. the antiwar people, they are highlighting things the americans might have done, and people who believe that we should fight and winning in afghanistan can point to other
4:47 am
things including the tactics of the jihaddist but what is in escapable is it underscores we are, in fact, in a regional war and this whole idea we have been debating for a decade of whether al qaeda and the jihaddist are stateless entities and not coordinated and they don't have any state backing, seems, again, rather definitive, put to rest by these documents showing pakistani, the involvement of pakistan's isi and showing the involvement of the pakistan military and the level of support from iran. the details of iran we have talked about here. the details and level of support from iran is alarming. >> we will talk about there again. >> midterm elections are 99 days away and we will tell you what that means for democrats and republicans straight ahead. we know a lot of you are online right now. right now. stay tuned. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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>> 99 days from now the election of 2010 and the balance of power hangs in the balance with control of that building. the picture in the senate, an average, of all the polls that are out there right now, how it stands right this second: democrats 52, republicans 47 and independent picking up one in florida so g.o.p. pick up six, and they need ten to control the senate. that is as it standed now. in the house, the republicans need 39 to pick up the house. right now it is tougher in the
4:52 am
house because there are not polls in the different districts but democrats 203 and republicans 201. and 31 toss up-states with 99 days to go to november, 2010 with a lot big throughs and the biggest is tax cuts. the bush tax cut and whether they continue. steve? >> the tax cuts will be a huge issue and that is because the districts that you pointed to in the house of representatives, the house districts that are going to be in play are district where obama did not do as well in 2008. they will be the swing districts. tax cuts play huge at a time when people are concern about the economy. the number one issue in every poll. you poll people directly what they think would stimulate growth directly, tax cuts versus spending. tax cuts win.
4:53 am
we are likely to see it. and it puts the obama administration in a difficult position. you heard giet increase saying, we -- geithner saying we are not going to eliminate the tax hikes on the wealthy in january of 2011 and we are not worried that will negatively effect growth. the obama administration does not do that they are pushing bad policy which makes it more difficult for president obama potentially to be elect in 201 if you raise taxes in the middle of a recession, retar growth, and the president has to run on that, it is not good. >> at least for possibly five senate democrats are saying all of the bush tax cuts should be extended even the 2 percent or 3 percent on the top end. >> problem for republicans is they said they were deficit hawks so if you are deficit hawk
4:54 am
someone like geithner, wait, how can you not, how are you going to pay for the tax cuts because they will have big costs over 10 years. >> but 80 percent of the tax cuts for the middle class are not paid for under the obama administration. >> that is right. the obama people are saying they are willing to take something of a hit in terms of continuing tax breaks for individuals under $200,000 and couples over $250,000 but not what you heard geithner describe the 2 percent or 3 percent the most wealthy americans. the issue number one as we hoard is jobs, jobs, jobs and the question is, is the economy producing more jobs? do people think it is necessary for the tax cut to get the job on the table. >> the way democrats look at this, as most midterms are a referendum on the incumbent president and in the house of representatives and senate, if
4:55 am
sit a referendum on the leadership of the democrats in the house of representatives and senate they will be slaughtered so they want the midterms to be a choice between republicans and democrats not a referendum. they will not run on health care or financial reform or stimulus, that is a dirty word. the major left winger accomplishments are not exact the stuff you want to run on. interesting how democrats have raised the dush tax cuts as an issue, the democrats, and whether to extend the tax cuts that go to the rich, so-called. the reason that is useful if you are a democrat, two words in there: bush. irish. it -- bush and rich. that is the reason it is being raised the obviously, it will hurt our economy, and you do not
4:56 am
want to raise taxes in a recession or waste taxes on the. ploying class in the middle of a jobless recession but as a talking point to argue in an election, it might actually help the democrats or at least they think so. >> we will do this from time to time on day 99. stay tuned for an out-of-control interview.
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